Professional portrait photography of Andrew McConnell at Cumulus restaurant by commercial photographer Elke Meitzel.

I am diving deep into Melbourne’s food culture with this bit of professional portrait photography. I was commissioned to shoot a feature celebrating the contributions of chef and restaurant owner Andrew McConnell to Melbourne’s food scene. The shoot took place at Cumulus on Flinders Lane. The downstairs part of the restaurant was heaving with people having breakfast and coffees. Does nobody work anymore?

The place was  filled with an extraordinary atmosphere with not a spot in sight to place a camera or tripod. Luckily the upstairs part of the restaurant, which is only open in the evening, was perfect for capturing the European allure of the place. The slightly tucked away long table with the hanging lights somewhat caught my attention. I liked the almost biblical feel of the table and lights which seemed just right for somebody like Andrew and his God like status.

It always feels very luxurious creating an image where the person has got a lot of room around them. It focusses the viewers attention and clearly communicate gravitas and allows for play with text on the image. I am glad to report back that the photo editor liked the shoot too. He had told me prior to the shoot that Cumulus is his favourite restaurant in Melbourne. Just a little bit of pressure! Professional portrait photography for the editorial market very much relies on a point of view. Thank heavens (pun intended) it was well received.