Professional headshot photography of artist in residence Hannah Starkey photographed by Melbourne commercial photographer Elke Meitzel

Katie and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours together over some professional headshot photography. Katie is an artist in residence at River Studios and was in need of a profile update for various profiles concerning her fine art career and for social media in general. We worked on a colour scheme that the images would all interchange and ultimately make a set. That can be very useful especially when you may have the need of using 2 images in the same context and pulls the branding somewhat nicely together.

Professional headshot photography does by no means need to be formulaic. And if you think about it – it is good to sway off the beaten path a little as it gets you noticed. Katie was great in communicating what was important and trusted me with the process. I find reference images very useful and use them for all aspects of my planning and ¬†value being showing imagery. I think it is not surprising that we talk about ‘a feel’ in regards to images, as it is the emotional response which is important with images and it is a mix of colour, expression, lighting and a little bit of magic. Not actual magic but some sutle coaching and confidence building a professional photographer tends to bring to the table which comes with vision and experience.