Professional portrait photography by Melbourne photographer Elke Meitzel shows racing horse owner and breeder Brad Spicer at the Caulfield Racecourse the day prior to the Caulfield Cup.

Professional portrait photography leads me to all kinds of places. As a creative I love exploring new places and briefs… And Caulfield Racecourse and the horse racing were kind of new to me. 

The day before the Caulfield Cup Brad Spicer was certainly the man of the moment with his horse King Will Dream favoured to win. Whilst attending the breeders lunch on site, Brad skipped the main course to pose for a series of portraits. I got to know a little about his pre race nerves. Until we got talking about those, it never occurred to me that that is probably the general condition amongst the lunchers. It made me feel a tad less guilty taking Brad away from the food table where perhaps the food was send back untouched due to nerves.

Having the use of the racing track in its entirety ended up being a lot of fun and pushed my big box of equipment to varies hard to get to places including the grand stand. Walking around scouting the location the red seats just kept jumping out. It was just lucky that Brad’s tie and blazer worked so well. Yes… professional portrait photography is partly knowledge, partly experience and a bit of luck for some out of control factors fall into place.

Last Saturday I kept checking on the race results and was disappointed for Brad and his team that King Will Dream stumbled at the beginning of the race. I had so wished for King Will Dream to win for Brad. I hope there is going to be another chance – for the moment King and Brad Will Dream.