Commercial photographer Elke Meitzel work in medical and chemistry labs in and around Melbourne.

Commercial photographer is such a broad term and I thought I start high lighting some of area and industries I have been commissioned for. In doing so I have grouped together some images from a few different shoots to show case a body of work from medical facilities, research centres and broad range of labs. There have been a flurry of commissions photographing CEO’s of hospitals and medical facilities, the discovery and development of new cancer drugs and celebrating women in STEM just to name a few topics which were central to the commissions. It is has been an interesting time. And as a former radiographer come photographer I say that whole heartedly. Whilst I only spent a few years in the profession it was formative and interesting. I still feel very much at home in realm of clinics. My radiography work gave me insight in a multitude of different departments within the hospital as well as I spent time in research labs. I am in no way a science expert but have a genuine interest in understanding what the work of each individual facility is concerned with to hopefully create more meaningful imagery as a result an tell their stories in a relatable and authentic manner.

My work as a commercial photographer has let me to places like the Australian Red Cross and their Melbourne Blood facility where the donated blood is preserved, stored and distributed. It is a little know fact that those blood reserves don’t last forever which makes donating blood all the more important. A large LED sculpture can be found in the foyer of the Australian Red Cross in North Melbourne indicating the current levels available. I was equally blown away on another shoot to learn that Melbourne’s Monash University ranks as a premier facility only 2nd in the world after Harvard. All due to the strong contribution of researchers to fields of research and training nationally and internationally. For the comparatively small population of Australia that is a fantastic achievement and I have valued contributing to giving those bright minds further exposure (pun alert).