editorial photography tear sheets by Melbourne photographer Elke Meitzel

What have you been up to – is an often asked question. It’s been a busy old time and I don’t always get to reflect on weeks gone by or past work. One reason the blog section of my website is looking a little sad.

I am currently working on refreshing my website which prompted to look back at a few bits of recent work. And looking back at some of the shoots and layouts.

You probably already know that I shoot a fair bit of editorial work. I shot 6 this week! I don’t think I ever tire of doing those kind of shoots – essentially assisting in the process of ‘making news’. In my case it generally involves meeting some interesting folk with a story, and finding a visual translation or accompaniment.

The fast paced environments publishers are – I don’t often get to see much beyond what is available online or via the social media channels. When I do it always brings me back to my initial fascination of the printed page. From an early age I have admired how graphic design and photography work together.