Professional photographer Melbourne Elke Meitzel photographs fitness lifestyle shoot on location in the Docklands

As a professional photographer Melbourne being my base, I know to appreciate there is never a shortish of good weather. Yes it is changeable, but even in Autumn and Winter we get some glorious days to shoot outdoors without being cruel to our subjects. I remember some location shoots back in Europe where even the camera batteries decided it was too cold. The emergency blanket formed a central part of the shoot and was more a prop then a cover up for coziness. I must remember to carry it more often. It was somewhat a strange coincidence that I happen to shoot in the same location 3 times that particular week and it was mind blowing to have the visual reference on how different the place looked – thanks to Melbourne weather being Melbourne weather – and I recall one day being especially cold. I should make it part of my professional photographer Melbourne location kit and pack an emergency blanket at all times. It keeps the spirits up and on a dull day aids bouncing light in the subjects face!

Apart from the stills shoot we also shot some accompanying video. It is at the back of my mind to share more of my video work and hope to do so in the not to distant future.