Elke Meitzel, portrait photographer Melbourne, photographed Levi Aron from Deliveroo

It properly doesn’t need much pointing out but I am primarily a portrait photographer Melbourne is where I am based. One of the best perks of my job is getting to look behind the scenes and learning about different people and the city where I live. It is a very diverse and interesting school of life which keeps the curious mind engaged.

As with these location portraits of Melbourne’s Deliveroo’s national manager Levi Aron, I created a series of portraits and lifestyle shoots telling some of the brands story. There is a definite young vibe in the office with people playing table tennis by the entrance door and the office puppy spreading love across the busy, buzzy and colourful open plan office. Transparency is a bit of concept of the moment, but I loved Levi’s approach by fully owning it. Levi steps out occasionally delivering  food himself. He explained to me that it is important to him to find out the driver’s experience first hand. As a commercial photographer I didn’t need much nudging to make sure we addressed that part of the brands story apart that bicycles do get me a little excited in the best of times.

I have been burning to make some comments on how I make images. As photographer’s we are all have accomplished different work methods. After speaking to another photographer the other day who complimented me on my ‘natural and authentic’ looking imagery I have the burning need to point out that all of my image making mostly relies on lighting set ups. Very rarely I work with just ambient light. And yes, whilst it was a sunny day there was no sun light in this part of the office. Toot toot – blowing my own horn here – but the portrait photographer Melbourne has got many options on how to deliver and I realise that those sutle effects are easily missed unless pointed out. Very much a matter of art imitating life.

And yes watch out who delivers your food next time. This guy definitely deserves a tip.