Marcus Price, Pexa CEO and racing horse owner was photographer by corporate photographer Elke Meitzel Corporate photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Marcus Price, CEO of Pexa, in the beautiful reception of his Melbourne headquarter

As a corporate photographer, who shoots on location a fair bit, I get to see a lot of offices. I enjoy the process of using lighting and finding interesting angles and to make my subjects shine. It may not surprise you to hear, that a fair bit thought and planning goes into shoots. And high production values, along with visual interest, without failure add value to a brand. Imagery more and more has to bridge the gap of lesser personal contact and create a connection with the audience and highlight the human element of a business or profession. Corporate photography has become all together a little bit more lifestyle with more relaxed poses less guarded body language. As a corporate photographer I understand that fine balance between relaxed and personable with the gravitas and seriousness a business requires.

On that note photographing Marcus Price at the Pexa offices was the dream for a corporate photographer. Not a white wall in sight the office provided a contemporary style and colour scheme with a softer aesthetic. I was spoiled for choice and it was a matter of making use of as many locations as possible. Marcus was kind enough to sacrify a few minutes of his lunch break to fit in a few additional shots. A clear sign, that the shoot he dreaded so much, ended up being a lot more pleasant then expected. I get it, I am feeling slightly nervous too having a camera pointed at me and I aim to provide a relaxed and sympathetic atmosphere with plenty of guidance if needed and most of time being yourself is just what it takes.