Corporate Melbourne photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Ahmet Fahour for a corporate editorial for Boss magazine.
As a Melbourne corporate photographer I work primarily with businesses and publishers. The above image, is a portrait shoot with Ahmet Fahour, the former Australia Post CEO. It was part of an editorial I shot for Boss magazine. The editorial consisted of several prominent Australian busines leaders portraits and in a nutshell was about ‘multi-tasking’ and the busy life’s they lead.

It was a fun shoot to do, and I had even more fun with the creative post production.

However, I am bringing this up because as a corporate photographer I am constantly looking for new ways to communicate the familiar in interesting fresh new ways whilst staying relevant. And I think I am onto something, when I say this could be a great idea for your next
company headshots or team photograph. The use of colour is often a strong component of marketing strategies, as well as it makes people stop and take note.

Thinking about it the potential does not end here. Let me elaborate on the mentioned idea of the ‘team’ and why I think this would make a great team shot.

The way the images are overlaid communicates a link, such as the links of a chain, and/or the ‘notion’ of something shared such as a team. If you get over the idea that your face is looking a bit red/blue or pink this might just work for you.

You might have already made the link yourself that this visual trend is somewhat inspired by Pop Art. Namely Wharhol’s screen prints of celebrities eg Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley et. Thinking that Pop Art came into its own in the 50/60’s makes the idea of Pop Art headshots a lot less off the wall and more of a modern classic.

It is Friday afternoon and I think I just inspired myself to go and see some art this weekend. And if you prefer something a bit more traditional to match your existing headshots- there is nothing wrong with it and I’d be more then happy to help. As a Melbourne corporate photographer I thrive on all aspects on the job.