Portrait photographer Elke Meitzel photographed a range of hats from the current collection of millinery Contempomental as part of a campaign shoot

I am very much a portrait photographer, and shooting the campaign for the new millinery label Contempromental was a great little shoot to do. Whilst shooting fashion is not a new to me, I haven’t had much opportunity in the past few years since arriving in Australia.

The brief for the shoot was ‘androgynous’ to suit the largely unisex collection consisting largely of bowler hats and baker hats, as well as a concept I love! Hats can be so playful – and I do sincerely hope Melbourne men will start wearing bowler hats. They really do go with anything, even a casual look, and give the wearer the playful sophistication and a sense of fun. ¬†Just to mention that – of course the hat shown here was created with more of a lady in mind.

One thing I like best about shooting fashion, is a team of people with expert skills coming together which almost always helps to raise the bar. As a portrait photographer I rarely get to work with hair and make up and a stylist. Whilst a team like this also adds fantastically to the production values of a portrait shoot, clients don’t always see the advantage of such teams.

The shoot references, to some degree, the glamour of days gone however keeping a contemporary vibe and the modern punter in mind. The white shirt used throughout lets the hats take centre stage whilst underlining the androgynous theme. As a portrait photographer I enjoyed creating the lighting especially and it brings out the models fantastic features in a dramatic way. The play of light and shadow is thought to be movie like. May be it was all the portraits of Marlene Dietrich I looked at prior to the shoot which did it?

As for now beanie season has started, but please don’t forget when getting ready for the races how to look cool and glam at the same time!