Corporate photo of Peter Gordon was photographed in Melbourne by commercial photographer Elke Meitzel for the Australian Financial Review

The image above is from a corporate photo shoot with Peter Gordon who recently launch his firm Gordon Legal in some nice new offices on Collins Street and showing Peter wearing socks with cacti, a small but charming detail. Again I found myself in the situation where a little more knowledge of Australian Rules Football would have gone a long way. With the football season starting next week, I made a note to myself to buckle down and learn the rules and to follow the game which unites and divides Victorians properly. However, I was genuine telling Peter how much I enjoyed the Western Bulldogs win the other year with buildings getting an ad hoc make over in Blue/Red and White and Footscray Council wrapping the building partially looking like a giant present. There is nothing like the underdog marching ahead and taking the win. The Western suburbs were not only filled with celebrations, but with some new found confidence, at least that’s how it felt. It was a fun time observing all the footy craziness and I would love for it to happen again.

Whilst the corporate photo shoot was taking place a television was showing Bulldog supporters interviews. With hindsight, I wonder whether that was at all coincidence or not? Nevertheless it put a good spin on things, as the supporters were  stating that the Bulldogs are, in fact, going  repeat the win this year. If the tv says so it must true was Peters motto- The Bulldogs will win again this year.

At the same I hope sincerely that Peter will continue to win more cases for people who suffered hardship or injury.