Professional headshot photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Judo Capital's team at their Melbourne headquarters with a portable studio set up

Everybody will agree on the importance of headshots in the digital age. We generally have less and less opportunity to meet in person and make proper connections. To some degree, how you personalise and humanise your business will help you distinguish yourself and can help building trust. We are humans and tend to relate to other humans.

As a professional headshot photographer, and creative mind, I aim to give my clients headshots they actually identify with. Long gone are the days of the white backdrops and a stark corporate aesthetic. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with going for ‘brilliant white’ there are a range of grey tones, creams and off whites which tend to be more elegant and contemporary without being too risqué. Overall there are 100 different colours available and if orange suits your brand – why not!

Most professional headshot photographer will respond well to being shown reference images. I find it is the quickest and most effective way of communicating. It take much longer to write and email describing the subtle nuances then showing an image. Once I have some idea on what the client is thinking, I can build on that and make constructive suggestions and talk about the practicalities.

Every project needs a project leader and team headshots are no different. Your project leader will essentially be the contact person to liaise with the photographer about different aspects of the shoot and more importantly communicate with your team on how to prepare and what to expect. Most people are a little nervous about having their photo taking. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare, helps a better experience. Last not least somebody will send out a reminder prior to the shoot!