Business photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Professor Helen Bartlett in the University library

Business photographer Elke Meitzel photographed vice chancellor Professor Bartlett at the Federation University

As a business photographer I do get around and frequently get to travel beyond the Melbourne city borders to photograph people, personalities and their businesses. The quietness on my news section has been bothering me for some time, but yes, there are only so many hours in the day and with all that busyness of a business photographer, such tasks can fall on the way side. I have quite a few favourites but let me start with this business portrait session with the lovely Professor Helen Bartlett,who is the vice chancellor of the Federation University.

May be it was the car journey, may be it was the glorious winter day, may be it was the University holidays and the quiet campus, which made the day feel more like a like holiday then work. Well, a working holiday might describe it more accurately- as we did achieve a few different things – one being a multi faceted portrait shoot. The shoot took mostly place in the stunning modernist building which houses the library. I do love a bit of concrete, and the pottery tiling added colour and texture in an unusual way and sort of felt very Ballarat. And yes plenty of books were meant to feature too until I learned that libraries and books are out. I was fairly culture shocked to learn that libraries are considered a thing of the past with students largely preferring online publications to weighty hard copies.

It’d be interesting to see what kind of spaces libraries may become in the future. Well they make good locations for photo shoots – with or without books- if anybody asks me.