Corporate photography by Melbourne photographer Elke Meitzel shows Rain Long from and was shot for Boss magazine.

Today was a corporate photography day photographing Rain Long for Boss magazine. Myself and a team of PR’s were scouting out the best locations in the beautiful Sofitel. There are so many nice spots in the hotel to choose from. We didn’t visit every single level, but eventually settled on this corner hidden away on the 35th floor with the sound of water feature in the background. It helps not having too much traffic and keeping the shoot going at a good pace rather then having to pause to let people walk pass. I also hoped to keep the number of on lookers to a minimum, but by the time of the shoot started an even larger group came to watch but Rain didn’t seem to worry about the audience and was grateful how fantastically at ease she appeared to be for the corporate photography shoot. It was fascinating to hear, Rain Long from has 4 Million people working for her. Quite the boss I’d say! I guess e-commerce being such big business it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the business has got the size of a city not unlike Melbourne, well almost. As a commercial photographer I frequently work with large businesses and it is nice to see a lady in charge, apparently not unusual in China, so I was told!¬†Rain visit to Melbourne to attend a conference coinciding with the office opening in Melbourne and the companies drive to attract Australian businesses to come on board.