Not all shoots will carry the same level of risk. And if you have any questions or have specific requirements please do not hesitate contacting me prior to the shoot.

Here are some points you may like to consider and discuss with your team and myself.

How many people will be present? Who needs to be physically present? Can art direction and/or any monitoring be done remotely?

What is the size of the room/space?

How is the ventilation?

How well is the team trained in Covid-19 safety?

Are there masks, gloves and other PPE readily available?

Scheduling team members can be a good way to avoid contact and viral overload.

Consider the complexity of your shoot and how to implement styling and hair/make up and prob handling.

Are you keeping a tracing log?

I have a Covid plan in place. Please do get in touch if you would like to view it. People’s needs and situations are different and please don’t hesitate getting in touch prior to your shoot to let me know.

Sept 2020