Editorial photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Linda McIver at the Monash Art Gallery for Boss magazineEditorial photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Linda McIver, a data scientist, for a magazine feature

Editorial photographer hat on, cameras and flash in the van, has been a nice way of spending my days lately and meeting interesting people doing interesting things with their lifes in and around Melbourne. There was a time I used to do those kind of shoots all the time and it is always inspiring to go to different places. The above images are from a commission with Boss magazine, who sent me to meet the lovely, clever and very brainy Linda McIver, a data scientist who is currently one of the top STEM’s around. It was nice hanging out with Linda who is ever so passionate about her work and talks about it charmingly and with the quiet confidence of unrivalled knowledge. Her deep and invested interest was evident and supported by her eyes lighting up when explaining her work. Enjoying your work is not a myth, and something I can relate to full heartedly. Besides her academic achievements Linda is currently setting up a charity to help schools teaching about data flow, which sounds like a great idea and somewhat surprising that funds need to be rallied up privately. Hence her days are taking up with a combination of meetings and media appointments. Sounds just like life as an editorial photographer! Her down to earth persona was telling me, with an amused intonation, that her family have become all blaze about all her achievements and the media and publicity which comes with it, to the extend that they stopped taking note of radio interviews and magazine articles.