Freelance photographer Elke Meitzel photographed Artbank director Tony Stephens at the new Collingwood premises

A blimps into the art collection housed in Collingwood by the art leasing firm Artbank photographed by freelance photographer Elke Meitzel

One of the best perks of my job as a freelance photographer is that I get to peek behind the scenes and get a unique insight. For my curious mind that is like fodder for the soul. I have had an interest in art leasing as a concept for some time, and getting to go to Artbank and meet its wonderful staff was certainly a treat. The government founded scheme house 600 art works and the profits are reinvested back to buy more art and support Australian artists. I do strongly believe that art makes a valuable contribution to society and contribute substantially to a country’s revenues if nurtured and managed in the right way. And yes the space was full of art. I have never had to contemplate how to store surplus amount of canvases, but found the sliding panels with art attached intriguing. Looking back at the image I had one small regret and that is that I didn’t pull out every single slider panel to see what is on show and I sincerely hope to get to visit again. With the art leasing firm about to open the doors to their new premises and on point warehouse conversion next that will hopefully be a possible.

I photographed Artbank’s Tony Stephens for an editorial. If I wasn’t such a happy freelance photographer working at Artbank would not be a bad option.