The video production consisted of making two videos to client specification. The videos were made in conjunction with World Tequila Day. Melbourne bartender Hayley Dixon set out to create a series of tequila cocktails to dazzle the taste buds. As the talented bartender and brand ambassador for 1800 Tequila and Hayley knows her way around tequila like no one else. And there is so much to know in regards to flavor and origin I left the shoot with a whole new appreciation of the drink.

As part of the video production, I shot, directed and edited the videos and also recorded the sound. We were working closely to a client brief. And thanks to all the modern technology, the Sydney based marketing team was able to input remotely. It was very reassuring to have clarity that all the branding requirements where addressed. In an ideal world all stake holders should attend shoots but in reality that is not always possible of course.

Shooting a few different options from different perspectives meant that the tequila flowed on the day. No – not in the actual sense of course. However we did shoot a few different cocktails, making scenarios and addressed different angles. It turns out that cream on top of a cocktails adds some added fragility to a cocktail shoot as well.

It was evident on the faces of the people who did get to taste the cocktails that the ‘Don Juan’ was a if not the favorite. And why wouldn’t it be. The way Hayley explains how the flavors come together makes total sense to me. And most things are better with cream on top. Don’t you agree?