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Experimental short film collaboration with Julia Dogra-Brazell will be shown as part of the Short Film Festival on the 14th Oct 2017 at 15:45h, BFI Southbank

Here is one the promotional videos I made for the Tequila brand Omecca Altos. The filming took place in this wonderful bar Eau de Vie, which is located in Melbourne’s CBD. Stunning and atmospheric interiors as well as being tucked away in one of Melbourne’s lane is part of the charm of this cosy bar. I actually walked passed the door a couple of times before concluding – it must be the black door – which sure helped the feeling of having an experience similar to entering the era of Prohibition.

Andy Griffith, was our mixing technologist for the morning. Andy had just been nominated bartender of the 2018, which in his own words is ‘a great honour’ was coping wonderfully with being filmed and photographed all at the same time. It was great to witness his expertise and passion for his job during the shoot and interview for the promotional video. The performance aspect of cocktail mixing was intriguing too. With the benefits of seeing Andy mix the same cocktail a couple of times, it felt not unlike a well rehearsed dance. Every movement is a purposeful expression executed with precision.

By the time the filming was concluded it felt like an evening had come to end. An illusion which came to an abrupt end when leaving the dim lit bar of ‘forever night time’ and finding myself back in Melbourne on a sunny afternoon.