corporate portrait photography Melbourne specialist Elke Meitzel photographed Willie Pang

Am I a corporate portrait photography specialist in Melbourne? Back in London I used to shoot a lot of bands and architects and perhaps the corporate portrait photography Melbourne or else is  a natural extension of shooting portraits. With the internet taking away a lot of face to face meetings, businesses have a need to show their human element. This is especially true for service orientated businesses where it is often not easily explainable on what people do. And how to show the human element of a service better then with a portrait? Not many businesses manage without headshots and team shots nowadays but having some corporate portrait photography done is the next logical step.

I very much enjoy working visually and my extensive skill set means that I  know how to make the most of found locations. And yes be a little creative at times, but without leaving the brief out of sight. I was most delighted to find this lovely wall paper which I had encountered on a shoot a few years ago with its reflective shine. The art director and designer required half the image to be available for text and the reflection bleeding across the page just seemed the perfect solution to blend image and text together.